Time for commuity contact to Olympia and Rayonier

November 4, 2017
For those I have email addresses for, I will forward the email received from Brian Blake's office.  It would be best if they receive mass letters asking for something to be done about the failed bridge leading to Tunerville, but I have been told that individual letter with multiple signatures is good too.  Please help me reach more people by posting the bridge request notice or circulating the petition and sending to me at PO Box 493, Raymond, WA  98577 and I will attach it to a letter.  I drove to Tunerville yesterday and left a petition for hunters coming in for Elk season.  If you have questions please call me a 360-942-3672.  Thanks to all.


Troubled Bridge over Salmon Creek Waters

July 26, 2017
When scheduling our work party with DNR in May 2017 it was discovered that the bridge just before camp has been condemned.  I would urge calls to DNR main office to register concern about access to our camp as Rayonier owns it and they have said it will be year 2025 or later to replace.  TIME FOR ACTION!

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New Vault Toilet is installed

November 19, 2013
Just in time for hunting and camping for 2013, the new vault toilet is in.  Our work party gave it a dashing paint job and it is handicap accessible. 

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Are you a Potty animal?

May 25, 2012
If so you may be excited to hear that the scheduled work for excavation and installation of the new vault toilet is in June.  Please stay tuned to Tunerville to catch the latest poop on the subject.
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